Friday, August 12, 2011

McDonald's ad for Gergi3an 2011

Is this McDonald's ad?

The first advertisement:

High Technology ;)
but not a burger!

The second and third advertisements:

Yummy KitKat Chocolate from Nestlé in Fancy Gucci Bag! Gergi3an o Gergi3an!

Hard Luck McDonald's

iPhone 5: Available Between September & October

The iPhone 5 will be announced by Apple next month, and will be available in the US from
  September 5.
 International releases will follow in October, ComputerWorld reported.

Battle of the Red Soles: Louboutin vs. YSL

Christian Louboutin shoes are known for their signature red sole.

But a New York judge has declined to grant an injunction that would stop other brands from selling similar red-soled styles.  

This follows a $1 million lawsuit that Louboutin raised against YSL for trademark infringement after they produced a red-soled shoe.
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