Saturday, October 1, 2011

Eva Longoria In Dubai

Eva Longoria is right now on her first trip to the Middle East.

Today, she is in Dubai and tweeted these photos, saying: 

September 29, 2011 

"On my way to Dubai flying first class Emirates! Its amazing, very cool suite on the plane!"

September 29, 2011 

"Check out the tv in my suite on Emirates! I can't even reach with my feet! Either I'm really short or this suite is really big! Haha" 

September 30, 2011 

"Hello Dubai! I'm in the tallest building in the world! Armani building also called Burj Khalifa, its beautiful here!"

October 1, 2011 

"The window cleaner outside my suite at the Armani hotel in Dubai. Talk about dangerous!"

October 1, 2011 

"Doing a photo shoot in the pool in Dubai at Armani Hotel! Its sooooo hot here!" 

October 1, 2011 

"Gorgeous pool! I'm just chilling poolside. Haha!"

October 1, 2011

"Ok funniest thing I've seen in ATM that gives out GOLD. Little gold bars! I'm serious! Haha!"

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